Progress Update #2 - 2023 08-13

Here are some of the most notable improvements since our last update.

Improved OOM errors

When a program runs out of memory, we now show a more helpful "Out of Memory" error instead of crashing the worker process. The current memory limit is 100MB per program.

There's currently no way for a user to tell how much memory is being used by a program. We need to fix this.

Windows Support

We're now building mctl for Windows as well as MacOS and Linux. This is one of the drawbacks of building a CLI in Rust. You need builds for each platform/architecture. Perhaps consider a Wasm/WASI version?.

Assign Program To Server

mctl now has an assign subcommand which can be used to move programs from one server to another. This is currently only available for admin accounts as it requires knowledge of internal infrastructure.

Notable Bugfixes

  • Security: Fixed issue with stray attributes returned in gref fields.
  • Fixed kill not considering unassigned programs.
  • Fixed the debugger not loading the source of files other than index.ts when a breakpoint was hit.