Automate things with TypeScript without APIs or databases.
Build bots, protoypes, and internal tools faster.

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What is Membrane?
Membrane is a TypeScript runtime specifically designed to build personal automation tools and interact with APIs more easily.
Membrane programs are durable. This means you don't need to store data in a database, the entire state of your program is continually and efficiently persisted.

To keep data around, put it in the state object and that's it. Durability makes programs *portable*. Programs can be moved from our infrastructure to your home server (e.g. for lower latency) without skipping a beat.

Durability is particularly helpful when building workflows that involve humans-in-the-loop,as humans, unlike computers, don't respond within milliseconds, if at all. Membrane promises can be `await`ed indefinitely without worrying about timeouts.
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