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What is Membrane?
Membrane is a hosted TypeScript runtime specifically designed to build personal automation tools and interact with APIs more easily.
Example of a Membrane program to checks if a Github workflow job has failed, and if so, it sends a sms message with information about the failure.
Use the Endpoint function to receive webhooks
SMS notification
import { nodes, root, state } from "membrane";

export async function endpoint({ path, body }) {
  switch (path) {
    case "/webhook":
        const { action, workflow_job, repository } = JSON.parse(body);
        if (
          action === "completed" &&
          workflow_job.conclusion === "failure"
        ) {
          const message = 
           `The workflow "${workflow_job.workflow_name}" 
            in the repository "${repository.full_name}"
            was canceled due to a failure caused by 

          await nodes.sms.send({ message });
      return JSON.stringify({ status: 200 });
      console.log("Unknown Endpoint:", path);
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